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Integrity 1050 is a new undergarment fabric impeccable performance for use in clean / sterile room. The fabric is treated with Aegis Microbe shield antimicrobial for inhibiting the growth of bacteria and has a very soft feel. The Aegis Microbe Shield uses an EPA registered antimicrobial technologies which is effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including mold, mildew, fungi, yeast and gram (+) and gram (-) bacteria. inhibiting bacterial growth will eliminate unwanted particles from the clean / sterile garment and help increase yields. Integrity 1050 is recommended for the semiconductor and pharmaceutical clean / sterile room.

Advantages of Integrity 1050

  • Anti Microbial Treatment
    Microbial Growth Inhibition - treated with Microbe Shield which inhibits the growth of a wide range of bacteria.-A NECESSITY IN CLEAN / STERILE ROOMS.
  • Anti Static [ Due to Carbon Fiber ]
    Electrostatic Dissipation (ESD) - prevents both static discharge and static attraction thereby imparts protection in clean / sterile room..
  • Long Lasting
    [ can be washed & autoclaved for 150 to 200 times ] Due to the long working life of fabric, garments made out of Integrity are cost effective for use in clean / sterile rooms.
  • Comfortable
    Comfortable with 7 micron Mean pore size for use as primary garment in clean / sterile room.. Highest MVTR in it's class. [Moisture Vapor Transport Rate]
    -- Light weight but opaque for modesty.
  • Lint Free

Available Colors

  • White                   Light Blue                   Yellow                   Green                   Navy Blue                   Grey                   
• Integrity 1050 is recommended for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical cleanroom & operation theatre.
• It is highly recommended for scrub suits, for use in operation rooms, Intensive care units, patients bed linen & Curtains.
• This fabric has applications in pharma manufacturing for primary gowning.